Favorite Scenes

Not to long ago I interviewed with a producer/director.  He asked if I could provide an example of one of my favorite scenes from a movie I shot.  I had to really mull this one over because these days my brain evacuates information instantly.   I also don’t have a formal list of favorite scenes to reference. Eventually I called …

Any-stand Van Cart

I came up with this cart to use on small van (high roof) jobs- you know, basically 1-1.5 ton jobs or smaller.  What I wanted was pretty basic: easy load onto the Sprinter van via ramps, hold vertical things- like C-stand, beefy babies, combi’s, gels, slider rails/legs and a couple of flags.  Working with just a Rubbermaid or Rock-n-roller cart …

Motorizing a Slider

Finally got around to adding a Kessler Elektra Drive to the Low Boy slider.

Hat as Car Rig

Doing a  handful of sample setups with the Hat as car door mount-and also hood mount on a Sprinter.  All part of the Hat video hope to have out in a day.

Two New Light Reviews

Recently posted two new light reviews on Youtube.  One for Fotodiox’s slim Flapjack soft LED, and then Ikan’s Lyra soft panel LED.

The Hat-Batch 1 Done!

It certainly took long enough, and now my first piece of gear is ready to sell and ship- well, almost.  I’m going to cut stainless steel stub legs and finish a few fabricated leg brackets- then these new hats will be ready to work. And sometime soon I’ll build the website k2camera.com…

Slider Update

Finally had time to work on the slider project again.  Pictured are the fabricated aluminum knock down rail supports.  Rails slide on and off, so you could easily use any length rectangular rail from 2-20′ if desired.  This is for flexibility and travel of course. I need to redesign the speed rail “leg” brackets- I simply fabricated leg brackets out …

Canon C700- Full Frame? Full Feight S35?

According to Jon Fauer @ IBC, Canon designed the C700 for interchangeable sensors, including full frame and possibly Vistavision, from the outset.  ALA Red not doubt, but at a lower price point than a Weapon, and without all the neccessary add on modules.  Interesting times. Canon C700 Possible to Expand to Full Frame, 18×24, S35 and other Formats