IMDb Profile

BFA, New York University Undergraduate Institute of Film and Television

Episodic Television
“America Reframed” episodes 1-6, season 2, PBS
“Alien Dawn” 24 episodes Nickelodeon
Feature Films
“Staring At The Sun”
“Morir Soñando” feature
“Ponchao” feature
“Undergrad” 4K feature
“Where Are You Sophia” co-dp, 4K feature
“Wiper” HD feature
“Insidious” HD feature
“RVing” GiraffeG4
“Scores Atlantic City”
“Pringles- How You Shape Them”
“Pringles- Taste Test”
“Pringles- Last Hand Game”
“Pringles- Guessing What’s Inside”
“Pringles- Duck Lips”
“Pringles- Empty Bowl”
“Pringles- Pajama Top”
“Pringles- Guacamole”
“Pringles- Mime Without Makeup”
“Scores Live TV”
“Do More With Skype”
“Dream Water”
“NY College of Pediatric Medicine”
“NJ Medical Group”
“Bentley Jewelers”
“Hi Def”
“NJ State Fair”
Music Videos
“Beemer, Benz or Bentley” Lloyd Banks, music video, 4K
“Imma Do It” Fabolous, music video, 4k anamorphic
“DefJamable” RedMan music video, 4K
“One More Time” CJ Tyson music video, HD
“Let It Fly” Maino music video, 4K
“Rockin’ Wit Da Best” RedMan music video, HD
“What Could Have Been” Ginuwine music video, 4K
“I Don’t Wanna Go” Freddie Jackson music video, 4K
“Southern Comfort” Hal Linton music video, 4K
“Falling Down” Jenna Andrews music video, 4K anamorphic
“Cougar” Stebani Cruz, music video HD
“Bring Me The Night” OverKill, music video, 4K anamorphic
“Walk These Streets” Rakim, music video, 4K
“The Destro” music video, HD
“Anaka” music video, HD
Short Format
“Sports Illustrated Play Promo” Time, Inc.
“Enterprise TV” US Media Studios
“Health Briefs TV” US Media Studios
“Market Week in Review” TIAA-CREF
“America’s Best Chef- Promo” Food Network
“Cialis” Eli Lilly marketing
“Flipsters” comedy TV Pilot
“Kraft Pourables” Time Inc Studios
“Veterans Day” Parade Magazine, 4K
“Black Dawn” HD TV Pilot
“Bible Black” HD feature- trailer
“Insidious” 42minute HD short
“Taken…Back” 2nd unit, 35mm
“Dendrite” 4 minute corporate identity film, DVCam
“Buck The Bulldozer- Rusty Bridge”, miniature live action/stop motion short, 24p
“The First Date After” 20 minute narrative short, 24p
“Figment” 8 minute narrative short, 16mm
“Driving Lessons” 22 minute narrative short, 16mm
“Making a Living” 16 minute narrative short, 16mm
“Point of the Mountain” 12 minute narrative short, b&w 16mm
“Other Fish” 6 minute narrative short, 16mm